Davies and Partners

Although always happy to adapt to specific client requirements, davies and partners routinely manages a recruitment assignment as follows:

  • Receive initial request from client including job description, necessary competencies and specific candidate attributes required

  • Meet with client to better define the organisation’s culture and needs as well as the role and the ideal candidate ‘fit’

  • Commence search through the company’s extensive and exclusive database and, if necessary, through the use of targeted advertising

  • Arrange telephone interviews, including behavioural questions for initial screening purposes, with all appropriate candidates
  • Conduct formal, in-depth personal interviews
  • Make a minimum of two verbal checks with referees from CV
  • Present short-list of appropriately qualified and checked candidates to client
  • Organise first candidate/client interviews
  • Conduct behavioural/skills/psychometric tests as appropriate
  • Arrange second candidate/client interview(s)
  • Confirm final selection in consultation with client and prepare formal job offer

Throughout the process, davies and partners keeps in constant contact with both client and candidates. The aim is generally to complete a successful recruitment within a three to four week period, although obviously this can always be varied according to the client’s instruction.