Davies and Partners

As a small, ‘hands-on’ company, davies and partners has the freedom and flexibility to tailor its processes to suit the particular style and needs of client employers and candidates alike. Company policy is always to follow up client requests and candidate enquiries immediately and to maintain close contact throughout the process.

In a small market, there is naturally a perennial shortage of quality candidates for many positions and the recruitment process can be arduous and frustrating without regular reporting and consultation. The davies and partners modus operandi places great emphasis on looking beyond the black-and-white details of candidates’ backgrounds to ensure a suitable ‘fit’ with the unique style and culture of client companies.

Confidentiality and Intuition

In such a compact and competitive market, the importance of absolute discretion is vital. The consequences of loose talk can be disastrous. At davies and partners, you are assured of total security over all confidential information, and because the company operates without a large infrastructural ‘machine’, no client or candidate has ever been compromised.

Analysing and comparing the bare facts in a candidate’s C.V. is only the beginning of the placement process. Staff and client relationships are too delicate and important to take chances with an inappropriate personality ‘fit’. Before making any kind of recommendation, company principals utilise their experience and lateral thinking skills to assess individual styles and ensure the best possible fit to the organisation’s existing culture. The added value davies and partners provides is well recognised – existing clients are more than happy to discuss their experiences upon request.